Cargo Recovery & Debt Collection in Ukraine

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Cargo Recovery & Debt Collection in Ukraine 

Free Webinar 

April, 13 

12.00 (Ukrainian time) 

 On April 13 Interlegal invite you to join our free webinar “Cargo Recovery & Debt Collection in Ukraine” for shipping, logistics, trade, forwarding, survey and insurance companies as well as for legal professionals

During our webinar we will cover core legal features and peculiarities of debt recovery, debt collection, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution in Ukraine. 

The webinar will be useful for lawyers, insurers, brokers and other professionals form logistics, trade, shipping and forwarding companies


Survey extraordinary cases overview 

Leonid Vindergauz, senior claims adviser, DP Surveys


How to recover debts in Ukrainian courtsprocedures, legal peculiarities 

Irina Maltseva, lawyer, Interlegal 


Recognition and enforcement an award in Ukraine 

Taras Dragan, lawyer, Interlegal 


International Commercial Arbitration Court of Ukraine, The Ukraine Maritime Arbitration Commission – peculiarities of procedures & case study 

Nikita Kocherba, lawyer, Interlegal  




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