Interlegal lawyers charged losses in favor of the Albanian terminal due to vessel collision with berth

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In January 2021, vessel collided port facilities at the Albanian sea port. In the process of mooring, the vessel collided berth due to excessive speed, while the terminal incurred significant material and economic losses.

As soon as Interlegal law team joined the problem, the Client involved into negotiations P&I club, in order to settle the dispute, in particular, concerning proprietary damage recovery, caused by the vessel’s actions.

Our lawyers held a few series of negotiations between P&I club representatives. First, P&I club in response denied the vessel’s liability; second, it proposed to settle the dispute in the amount less than 10% of Terminal’s claim.

However, our convincing arguments and evidence provided jointly with the Client facilitated holding the dialogue in the framework of reasonable and objective arguments.

Following regular and intensive negotiations with P&I club representatives, consulting of technical and navigation experts from both parts, Interlegal lawyers could justify and facilitate fair reimbursement in favor of the Client, without applying to the court. Also, due to active engagement of our experts, the Client could receive reimbursement as soon as possible after the compromise was achieved between the parties.

Interlegal lawyer Mykola Kozachenko represented the Client’s interests in dispute settlement.

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