Arthur Nitsevych

Arthur Nitsevych


Work experience: since 1992.

Education: National University ‘Odessa Law Academy’ (The Department of International Law and International Legal Relations), Odessa Mechnikov National University (department of Romanic and Germanic Philology, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (department of audit and accounting).

Languages: English, Spanish.

Association membership: LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association), IBA (International Bar Association), The Nautical Institute of the United Kingdom, EMLO (European Maritime Law Organization), SCMA (Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration). Member of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine. Chairman of the Maritime and Transport Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Odessa Region. Certified attorney-at-law.

Family status: married, three children.

Hobbies: sport (basketball, football, chess), movies, music.

Phone number: +380503164432
E-mail: nitsevych@interlegal.com.ua


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