Why us?


Our specialization for many years is Transport, Shipping and International trade. We correlate the specific nature of local market and international standards. We provide the flexible approach and understand clearly the client’s requests. We offer value added services and always take care of the clients’ budget.


Our approach


The law and practice of shipping and trade have always been closely entwined. There can be no other branch of business where the practical people know so much of the law; and where professionals know and need to know so much of the practice. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between maritime and international trade professionals to enhance their awareness of all types of maritime activity, focusing on how legal risks mix up with commercial, technical, scientific and financial ones sides.

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever to keep up-to-date with current developments in international shipping and trade, insurance issues, changes in regulations and law. And we do our best to meet these requirements.


Ukraine and Black Sea


Ukraine is oriented towards the European Union and Russia, trying to take advantage of its position on the crossroads. On one hand, Ukraine has land borders with the EU Member States of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, but on the other, it has border crossings with developing Eastern European economies, namely Russia, Belarus and Moldova. There are short sea links with Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece along with direct rail links to Central Europe, the Baltic States, the Russian Far East and Central Asia.

Ukraine is the major maritime state in the Black sea region (including the Azov Sea)  and has its own fleet, shipbuilding and ship repair facilities, 18 sea ports and 11 river ports on two open for navigation rivers, the Dnepr and the Danube, which enter the Black Sea in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the world’s leading grain and sunflower oil exporters and generally is an important gates for import and export of commodities and goods. In times of the USSR the Black Sea Shipping company (BLASCO), set up in 1833 and based in Odessa, was one of the largest shipping companies in the world and the largest one in Europe. Although the deadweight of the fleet under the Ukrainian flag shrank by 6 times since then, a great number of shipping companies do business in Ukraine as operators, shipbrokers and charterers. Among major shipowners are “Ukrrichflot” and Ukrainian Danube shipping company.  Ukraine is also ranked as the 5th supplier of seafarers to the world fleet market providing some 75000 officers and ratings.


Black Sea lawyers


Beside the headquarters in Odessa, Interlegal law firm boasts integrated regional teams providing a unified practice, quality management system and shared know-how base. Interlegal is probably the only one regional law firm working in all countries of the Black sea basin: Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

Our office in Odessa operates as a matrix organization. Working as the integrated teams with local representatives in ports of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania allows us to ensure strong specialization, know-how sharing and prompt, efficient and reliable service in any issue that comes out in the Black Sea.

In addition to maintaining a permanent presence in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania our law firm operates daily in cooperation with friends and colleagues from renowned law firms from numerous jurisdictions, especially those based in European countries, Northern Africa and Middle East.

Our detailed knowledge of local markets across the region of the Black Sea, extensive experience of lawyers and admiralty managers together with a strong sense of a commercial “can do” approach help us contribute effectively to our clients’ business.


Knowledge and experience


Lawyers of our law firm graduated from renowned European and Ukrainian Universities (including ones in London, Leeds and Malmo) and passed professional courses with BIMCO, ICS, Lloyds Academy, etc. We believe that is essential for the firm to accumulate knowledge and competence which is our goal to rely primarily on organic growth and to maintain a low fluctuation rate. In this way we ensure that our wealth of experience grows for the benefit of the clients.


INTERLEGAL and our team people are active members of international and national professional associations and public organizations:


IBA (International Bar Association)

LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association)

IMMTA (International Multimodal Transport Association)

AMD (International Association of Average Adjusters)

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

NAU (The Nautical Institute)

AIJA (International Association of Young lawyers)

EMLO (European Maritime Law Organization)



FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations)

GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association)

ICS (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers)

Law Society of England & Wales

GMAA (German maritime Arbitration Association)

SCMA (Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration)

WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association)

FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)

UBA (Ukrainian Bar Association)

NAU (Nautical Institute of Ukraine)

CLAU (Container Lines Association of Ukraine)

UGA (Ukrainian Grain Association)

IYLN (International Yacht Lawyers Network)

ARBITRALWOMEN (The International Network of Women in Dispute Resolution)

AMJ (Association of Maritime Journalists)