All company types are equal in conducting business and taxation in Ukraine. The circle of legal entities which can conduct some specific type of activities (for example, banking, securities activity and pawning) is strictly limited by the Ukrainian legislation. The difference between the types lies in management, responsibility of owners, and the capital share.


The most popular and comfortable company type in Ukraine is Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is important to highlight the fact that the LLC incorporation can be made with 100 per cent of foreign investments and can be owned either by the only one person or several persons. This form allows solving all typical assignments of the foreign owner such as: conducting business in Ukraine through the company under control, repatriation of incomes, limitation of responsibility, etc. We would like to mark that the Ukrainian legislation on foreign investment provides protection of foreign investment independent from the type of the legal entity.


For incorporation all business entities with the status of a legal entity shall be officially registered by the Registrar at the place of residence of a business entity.


The following documents, in particular, should be produced for registration:
1. The statute.
2. Registration card, serving as an application for official registration.
3. A copy of the owners decision to create a legal entity.
4. Document attesting the payment of the official registration fees.


In case the owner is a foreign legal entity, an extract from the trade, bank or court register must be produced to certify registration of an investor in the country of origin. Also, a company statute (articles of association) and a power of attorney (proxy) demonstrating the individual who will represent a company in Ukraine with reference to establishment of a legal entity are recommended to have. These documents must be duly approved according to the legislation of the country of issue, translated into Ukrainian and legalized abroad. If the owner of the LLC is a foreign natural person, such a person has to obtain a Ukrainian identification code of a taxpayer.


Transfer pricing provides control over prices under transactions between correlated persons. The control covers:



Tax legislation of Ukraine changes regularly. With regards to enough controversies and unsettled issues, the necessity in full and prompt information and profound legal position is a must.  We have experience, skills and keen understanding of taxation, both in Ukraine and foreign jurisdictions, in Transport, Shipping and International trade.


Our experts provide competent advice upon application of tax legislation and minimize business risks by means of structuring property, domestic and international transactions. You will obtain proper information and settlement of key issues for your business.


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