• Automatic application of LMAA Small Claims Procedure: to apply or not to apply?10 марта : en 119 марта : en 122 марта : en 1 всего: 5 22.02.17

    In 1989 London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) first introduced the Small Claim Procedure (SCP), construed for consideration of the small disputes, which deemed to be simplified, quick and more cost-effective than the procedure under general LMAA Terms. The SCP has been subject to several revisions and the latest version is in effect from 1 January 2012. Successful practical usage of SCP during 27 years has been followed by particular controversies as to its applicability.more
  • Black Sea practice newsletter, October-December 201613 февраля : ru 3 en 123 февраля : ru 1 en 113 марта : ru 6 всего: 44 23.01.17

    Interlegal offers you an overview of the hot news from practice, with most useful information for the reporting period.more
  • How to turn an arbitral award into recovery of damages: experience of successful recognition of the arbitral award in Georgia10 марта : en 512 марта : en 420 февраля : en 2 всего: 21 28.11.16

    One of the most frequently asked questions by the Clients who intend to refer the case for consideration of arbitration is: how to convert the arbitral award into real money? Recognition and enforcement of arbitral award is indeed a quite a complicated mechanism involving application of both national and international law. Sometimes, differences in domestic legislation in the country, where the award is supposed to be enforced, and the governing law of the contract, in respect of which...more
  • Commercial Court Practice upon Ship Arrest in Ukraine28 февраля : en 320 февраля : en 19 марта : en 1 всего: 11 27.10.16

    Having studied the Ukrainian court practice regarding ship arrest, we have detected issues of correction and legal gaps the judges faced during proceedings and proposed the possible ways of settlement. Procedure on ship arrest in Ukraine is governed by the Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine, the Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine and the 1952 International Convention for the unification of certain rules relating to the arrest of sea-going ships of 1952, which came in force for Ukraine...more
  • Newsletter, July-September28 февраля : ru 2 2 марта : ru 1 13 марта : ru 1 всего: 5 01.10.16

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  • Ukrainian freight forwarder’s liability in international cargo transportation by road14 февраля : ru 3 en 122 февраля : ru 2 en 12 марта : ru 1 en 1 всего: 78 29.08.16

    FIATA states that freight forwarding companies get involved in nearly 80 % of international transportations by all types of vehicles. The official concept of “freight forwarding and logistic services” adopted on 29.10.2004 jointly by FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association) and CLECAT (European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistic and Customs Service) includes...more
  • Enforcement of commercial (maritime) foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine8 февраля : en 12 марта : en 13 марта : en 1 всего: 3 08.08.16

    Resolution of maritime disputes by reference to international commercial arbitration is a typical situation in a modern globalized world. Under the reference in Clause 1 of Article 1 of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration (1985), with amendments as adopted in 2006 (United Nations documents А/40/17, Annex I, and А/61/17, Annex I), the term commercial arbitration should be given a wide interpretation and covers maritime arbitration...more
  • Cargo Shortage Fines – Turkey10 марта : ru 2 en 1820 февраля : ru 1 en 216 марта : ru 1 en 2 всего: 49 01.08.16

    We set our advice regarding the Cargo shortage fines imposed by the Turkish Custom in respect of short delivery. When cargo is short-delivered, Custom will serve a notice to the local agent of the vessel declaring the commencement of the claim with regard to the shore figure scale and will request a proper explanation as to why there is a difference between a bill of lading figure and an outturn figure.more
  • Interim measures in the process of enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Ukraine21 февраля : en 214 февраля : en 16 марта : en 1 всего: 8 10.04.16

    Participation in international trade carries a number of risks, the main among which is to ensure the proper fulfillment by non-resident counterparties of their commitments.Often, to resolve the dispute and protect their legitimate interests the creditors have to apply to international commercial arbitration or foreign court. However...more
  • Occupation of the territory of Ukraine in focus of maritime law15 февраля : en 215 марта : en 214 февраля : en 1 всего: 10 04.04.16

    History of the modern public international maritime law goes back to the 1st UN Conference on the Law of the Sea held on April 24 – 29, 1958, in Geneva. The new stage in development of international maritime law was the 3rd UN Conference on the Law of the Sea which resulted in adoption of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea dd...more