“Grain Cargo Logistics: Exports Terms in New Realia of Ukraine”

29 апреля : ru 2 5 марта : ru 1 4 мая : ru 1 всего: 1415.04.14


Arthur Nitsevych, partner of Interlegal, took part in press-conference “Grain Cargo Logistics: Exports Terms in New Realia of Ukraine”. Press-conference was organized by the Information Agency “APK-Inform” and was held at the Odessa Sea Port.


It touched such vital issues as results of grain export from Ukraine for 9 months of marketing years 2013-2014, export prospects for the current season, Crimean ports substitution in export grain handling, prospects of grain cargo handling from the Sea of Azov. Arthur Nitsevych reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia declared that after annexation of the Crimea the Strait of Kerch ceases to be the subject of negotiation between Russia and Ukraine on boundary delimitation of water area in Black Sea and Sea of Azov and that most likely Russia solely will perform control over organization of navigation in the Strait of Kerch. Arthur Nitsevych made an assumption that Russia will start carefully regulate merchant shipping issues in this region performing equal attitude towards ships of all flags, including Ukrainian.


 Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of the Information Agency APK-Inform, revealed statistics for export shipments at the Ukrainian ports as for key positions. Vladimir Klimenko, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, announced that Ukraine was the runner-up among grain exporters throughout the world and the USA ranked first, as usual. Ruslan Sakhautdinov, Deputy Head of Administration of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port, and Vitaliy Romanchenko, Head of the Department of International Relationship, European Integration and Logistics of State Enterprise Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine, told about steps taken to increase grain handling volume in the port of Odessa and in other ports of Ukraine.


We are grateful to the Information Agency APK-Inform for brilliant organization of the press-conference.