Interlegal held the annual Practicing Round Table in Moldova

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On the 20th of March the annual Practicing Round Table “Export and Import: Resolution of Disputes and Enforcement of Awards in the International Trade” was held at the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, city of Chisinau.

Organizer of the event was Interlegal with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova.

Over 40 members from all regions of the Republic of Moldova visited the event: representatives of trading companies specialized in agriculture and plant protection, forwarding companies and others.

This year experts of Interlegal touched vital issues regarding claims and disputes arising during container cargo transportation and issues of interests protection at the arbitration and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.

Karina Gorovaya, lawyer of Interlegal, presented a report about claims and disputes arising during container cargo transportation. The report uncovered peculiarities of mutual relationship between container carrier and other members of transportation process, as well as peculiarities of submitting claims against line carrier, limitation of the carrier’s responsibility and merchant’s obligations under the charter party.

Certain examples from the practice of Interlegal showed both effectiveness of claim settlement and successful practice of Interlegal against the largest line carriers at the High Court of Justice.

Alexey Remeslo, senior lawyer of Interlegal, highlighted the details of commercial dispute consideration at the international arbitration and touched the issues regarding the procedure of enforcement of the arbitration award. In the report he explained the meaning of arbitration clause in the contract based on the practical examples and provided certain recommendations upon selecting arbitration and composing arbitration clause.

Yuliya Starova, lawyer of Interlegal, emphasized the main issues of using non-resident companies in the international trade for the purpose of business optimization from the point of view of taxation, defense and confidentiality.

Interlegal has already received an invitation to hold the next Practicing Round Table in March-April 2016.