Interlegal – partner of the annual yachting prize 2016

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Interlegal became a partner of the annual sailing award “Odessa. Sail. Human” Award Ceremony held at the “Aivazovski” Hall of the “Londonskaya” Hotel on December 18, 2016.

Organizers of the award “Odessa. Sail. Human” created this event, which, for the second consecutive year, helps both to highlight the important milestones of evolution of sailing in the Odessa Region and to get together a wide community of yachting fans. It is also as a sign of appreciation for competition winners, yachting event organizers, children sport developers in Odessa region. Main tasks of the award are to the popularization of sailing sport popularization and enhancement of prestige yachting in Odessa Region.

Following the results of 2016, winners were awarded in ten nominations. The second award ceremony made the event truly nationwide, , as confirmed by the number of guests – over 250.

Interlegal sincerely wishes new victories and a fair wind for the Odessa yachtsmen.