Maritime law and management: evolution and current challenges

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The 10th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Maritime law and management: evolution and current challenges" was held at the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”, under the auspices of this University, the Ukrainian Maritime Law Association, Odessa branch of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and the Nautical Institute of Ukraine – Ukrainian branch of the Nautical Institute.


The Conference was scheduled for two days, April 14-15, 2016. On the first day, in the section “International Maritime Law”, Vyacheslav Lebedev, consultant of Interlegal, presented a report “Maritime law unification: is the unified law regime possible?”, prepared jointly with Victoria Russeva, lawyer of Interlegal, who participated in the Conference on the second day.


The Round Table “Priorities of the region in tourism and cruise business development” touched the methods of assistance in tourism development (including cruise and yachting) in Black Sea Region, manager training in tourism and Black Sea ecological problems. Special attention was drawn to investments in Black Sea Region by means of economy and science based business plan development for tourism and ports, aimed to restore cabotage passenger voyages along the Black Sea Coast. Public-private partnership with cross-financing the passenger carriages due to the cargo carriages, like in railway transportations, will facilitate achievement of the set goals.


Interlegal expresses gratitude to organizers of the conference for their perfect work.