Reforming the Mediation System in Employment of Seamen

13 декабря 2017 г.: ru 1 22 января : ru 1 всего: 218.10.13

On the 18th of October 2013 “Interlegal” represented by Mr. Oleksandr Chebotarenko, senior lawyer, took part in the joint session of the Committee on Employment Law and the Committee on Transport Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association. The event was held under the title “Reforming the Mediation System in Employment of Seamen Hired on Vessels under the Foreign Flag: Protection of Migrant Workers’ Rights  or New Bureaucratic Obstacles”. Presentations and lively discussions were devoted to recent entering into force of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and its impact on rights and guarantees of the Ukrainian seamen employed on board of vessels under foreign flags including the Convention member countries, as well as to the current issue of crewing business in Ukraine related thereto. Although our country has not joined the Convention yet, the impact thereof on Ukraine, as one of the largest suppliers of labour force for the world trade fleet, is doubtless. The main idea of the most of reporters was that the Convention at least did not worsen conditions of Ukrainian seamen,  that  it should promote competition in crewing and Ukraine should join the Convention sooner or later. The sooner the better.