Representatives of Interlegal tоok part in the International Forum of legal service promotion

17 июля 2017 г.: ru 1 2 февраля : ru 1 всего: 205.12.13

Representatives of ”Interlegal”:  Artem Skorobogatov, Associated partner, Mikhail Tsventoukh, Executive director, and Alla Agbash, Assistant executive director,  took part in the International forum of legal service promotion. This forum held in Kiev on the 5th of December was organized by the publishing house “Law Practice”.

The event had four sessions: “Management, strategies, reputation management”, “To attract new clients without losing the existing ones”, “Instruments of promotions: from proven techniques to innovations” (consisted of two sections: “Internet activities” and “Mass media, events and law networks”) and “Marketing investments and recognition at the market”. During sessions the reporters discussed the most vital issues such as: traditional ways and the most effective instruments in legal service promotion – both traditional and innovations; basic risks in law business; nuances in creating an effective system of selling legal services (e.g. opening regional and international branches); peculiarities of Internet activities; relations with mass media; organization of domestic events and participation in international law networks; specific features of participation in various ratings, directories and other law market research.

The guests of the event were partners, development directors, marketing experts, PR experts, event managers of law firms, independent experts in law business promotion, foreign experts in law business promotion, researchers of international and Ukrainian ratings, listings and references, editors of national and foreign business publications and TV channels.