Seminar Your Business: optimization and safety

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Interlegal with support and participation of ABLV Bank held a seminar Your Business: optimization and safety on the 21st of March at the Greek Hall of Mozart Hotel in Odessa.


The seminar was moderated by Ivan Movlyak, the associated partner of Interlegal.


50 participants attended the seminar.


Experts from Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine prepared their presentations.


One of the brightest presentations was prepared by Kazimir Rezvyi (ABLV Bank) who told about the banking secret and practical aspects of disclosing the data on banking accounts and their beneficiary owners in Latvia; by Ivan Movlyak, the associated partner of Interlegal, who enlightened in its report in details the issues of business management organization, defense of assets, new Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and others. Eduard Kuznetsov, director of Marine Legal Bureau, told about the advantages of business making with the companies from Latvia and Estonia and about the residence permit in Latvia.


The topics arisen at the seminar turned out to be quite relevant especially regarding the practical recommendations. The audience kept the keen interest and we may say that Interlegal will be holding the events related to business optimization and safety in future.


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Interlegal press service


22 March 2013