Carting tournament among the UBA members

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On the 24th of August 2013 the Interlegal colleagues took part in the carting amicable tournament among the members of the Ukrainian Bar Association, devoted to the Independence Day Ukraine.

The tournament was held on a bright sunny day, with the spirit of passion and speed. We should mention that some participants drove carts for the first time and the result of the tournament was determined in a few seconds.

During persistent fight, after qualification and elimination rounds, semi-final and final the winners were the following:

3rd place – Mashchenko Andrey, ANK

2nd place – Skorobogatov Artem, Interlegal

1st place – Brig Vladislav, ANK

Women also took part in the tournament one of them, Daria Minchenko, was semifinalist and became holder of the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

The tournament is over. The participants enjoyed their own success and victory, first of all, over themselves, and fans had a lot of joy and good mood.

Odessa Branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association thanks a lot the administration of the Odessa Carting Club and Alexey Skorobogatov personally for instructions, organization and holding the event.