Getting the Deal Through Shipping 2012

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Experts of International Law Offices contributed to the Getting the Deal Through Shipping three years in succession (2009-2011).


This year the fully revised and updated fourth edition of Getting the Deal {P}Through Shipping has been published http://www.gettingthedealthrough.com/books/37/shipping/


Our experts annually update the information on the Black Sea shipping considering all changes in the Ukrainian legislation and ratification of new conventions.


What is the Getting the Deal Through? These are series of annual reports, which provide international analysis in key areas of law and policy for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners and business people.


Getting the Deal Through provides international guides to law and regulation in 46 practice areas and more than 150 jurisdictions containing concise explanations to the most important legal and regulatory matters that arise in business deals and disputes worldwide.


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November 4, 2011