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Nowadays all of us are in the strong arms of law, but at the same time we are surrounded by filthy handshakes of iniquity. Every "you and me" are in need of quality legal support, because all that handshakes may happen to turn into dangerous claws for you and your business.

Of course most of all it concerns huge corporations with their sensational transactions, scandals and cause célèbre. But there is nothing strange when law has something to do with the most unambitious business, if a business at all, - INDEPENDENT MUSIC.

Quite recently Ukrainian independent rock-group “MY PERSONAL MURDERER” released their new album "SISTERS LOVING BROTHERS".  It is a freeshare, which means free download and no fee for it www.soundcloud.com/mypersonalmurderer.

Unfortunately we have to admit that free access to independent pieces of music may increase the number of plagiarism and violations in respect of the author. Ukraine has a bad record due to frequent cases of plagiarism or even direct copying in order to get benefits without authors’ consent. That is why we are of opinion that young authors projects need to be legally supported in the first place, since their task - the task of art, to convey authors’ feelings to people.

Copyright protection is a task of lawyers. And we are pleased to inform that INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICES are now engaged in such a protection. The more so because the frontman for the group and the author of all songs is Eugene Chebotarenko, 20 years old son of our senior lawyer Alexander Chebotarenko.