Interlegal facilitated pretrial settlement of dispute between supplier of spare parts to the vessel and shipowner

20 ноября 2017 г.: ru 1 всего: 1 15.12.15

A Greek company applied to Interlegal for vessel arrest at one of the Ukrainian ports due to non-payment of debt for spare parts previously supplied to the vessel.

Lawyers of Interlegal analyzed promptly documents and situation, prepared a grounded claim, contacted the debtor and announced the creditor’s claims and risks of their further ignorance. After shipowner paid promptly the debt, the claim was withdrawn and shipowner could process the vessel at the Ukrainian port.

Pretrial settlement of disputes is a priority of Interlegal. According to internal statistics, over 70% of all applications to the company result in pretrial settlement – it shows the highest professionalism of the company’s experts.

Sergey Sushko, the lawyer, under general supervision of Artem Skorobogatov, the associated partner, worked upon the case.