M/v Costa Concordia again

3 мая 2018 г.: ru 6 21 марта 2017 г.: ru 2 12 августа 2018 г.: ru 1 всего: 14 13.01.16


Interlegal has completed successfully the second stage of negotiations upon settlement of claims submitted by seven citizens of Ukraine suffered due to the shipwreck of m/v Costa Concordia. Like in 2013, it was a pretrial settlement which resulted in compensation in the total amount of nearly 160,000 Euros.


At the present moment settlement of four more claims of passengers whose interests are represented by Interlegal is being completed.


We remind that shipwreck of m/v Costa Concordia occurred on January 13, 2012, near the Giglio Island in the Mediterranean Sea.


At the moment of shipwreck there were 3216 passengers from 62 countries, including 108 Russians and 45 Ukrainians, and 1023 crew members on board.


If you have any questions upon compensation, please contact Julia Starova, the lawyer, by phone 00380949560504 or by email starova@interlegal.com.ua