Practice of Maritime Business ‘Collected Articles’

всего: 0 20.07.11

A new book in the series of Practice of Maritime Business ‘Collected Articles’ is the result of the long-term activity of ‘International Law Offices’ in writing and publishing articles.


The book was given to publicity on 25 May 2011.


Authors: Arthur Nitsevych, Nikolay Melnykov, Vyacheslav Lebedev.


Each year a book is prepared for the annual conference ‘Practice of Maritime Business: Sharing Experience’ (organized by ‘International Law Offices’ together with our partner – ‘Remedy Law Firm’) that sums up the results of the year. This publication is timed to opening of the conference in 2011.



The publication contains materials published within 2007 - 2011 in various periodicals. The book covers the process of development of shipping and closely related sectors, as well as evolution of our views on the things touched upon. Special attention is paid to the mechanisms of transport companies investment, mainly, sea transport enterprises. This edition could be interesting not only for the business practice and its legal assistance, but for classification of the theoretical rules related to transport economy and transport (maritime) law.