Recognition of Interlegal efforts from the Nautical Institute of Great Britain

всего: 0 14.01.16

Arthur Nitsevych, partner of Interlegal and Chairman of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine was elected as a Fellow of the Nautical Institute (FNI) under the decision made by the Council of the Nautical Institute on 3rd December 2015.

Fellowship of The Nautical Institute is only awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the nautical science, the nautical profession and the objectives of the Institute.

Council expects that all Fellows will use their best efforts to further the work of the Institute and to be active in the important contribution to this work.

In the nearest future Arthur Nitsevych will be awarded a the Certificate of Fellowship at the Annual General Meeting of the Nautical Institute which will be held in Aberdeen on 9th/10th June 2016.

One more significant event, on December 23rd, 2015, Nikolay Melnykov, partner of Interlegal, was elected as a member of the Committee of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine.

We cordially congratulate our Partners with these remarkable achievements and wish them fruitful work in popularization of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine among professional maritime community.