Royal Haskoning and DHV officially merge

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Royal Haskoning and DHV merging: additional perspectives for the development of Ukrainian ports’ infrastructure.


Royal Haskoning is a world famous company due to its projects in the scope of planning, designing and service of port and marine structures. It has declared on its merger with DHV, another consulting company, which caused creation of a new corporation Royal HaskoningDHV with nearly 9 thousand staff members. The head office of Royal HaskoningDHV is situated in the Netherlands. The company has in general a hundred of offices in 35 countries of the world. The merger agreement was executed on 21.06.2012.


Royal Haskoning has a large experience in realization of port infrastructure development projects in Ukraine (in particular, in ports of Illichevsk, Odessa, Ochakov) as well as of other Black Sea transport projects, so in terms of a recently adopted law on Sea Ports of Ukraine its activity looks quite prospective. There are investment banks, seaport operators, international traders and freight owners among its clients.


The long-standing partner of Royal Haskoning in Ukraine is an International Legal Service company and its Managing partner Artur Nitsevich has been a Royal Haskoning expert in marine questions for a long time.


Royal HaskoningDHV has a very wide range of interests and expertise: terminals, marine infrastructure, docks and shipyards, cruise terminals etc. Based on a more than one hundred years’ experience in working with sea technologies, the group supports marine infrastructure projects at each development stage, starting from the preliminary technical and economic background, planning and arrangements, assessment of environmental impact, including financial items, projecting and realization, and up to technical service and operation.


The International Legal Service (Interlegal)


the 4th of July 2012