Vital questions of advocacy in Ukraine

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On the 16th of August 2013 the joint Round Table among the members of the Odessa Department of the Ukrainian Bar Association and Section of Attorney-at-laws and Practicing Lawyers of UBA was held in the “Aleksandrovskiy” Conference Hall. The round table was devoted to Vital questions of advocacy in Ukraine.


Artem Skorobogatov, the Head of UBA in Odessa Region, Associated partner of “Interlegal”, presented an opening speech. He reminded about the benefits of UBA, informed about the events of the Association planned for the 4th quarter 2013 and recommended guests  to enter the UBA.


The reporters of the round table were both representatives of the Odessa Department of UBA, namely: Mrs. Yelena Pushchenskaya, Attorney-at-Law, Senior Lawyer of ANK Law Company and Mrs. Svetlana Panova, Associated Partner of Yurline Law Company, and the guests from Kiev: Mrs. Olga Prosyanyuk, Managing Partner of JSC “AVER LEX”, UBA board member, Head of the UBA Committee in Procedural Law, member of Kiev qualified disciplinary committee, and Mr. Vitaliy Serdyuk, Partner of JSC “AVER LEX”, member of Kiev Bar Council, Deputy Head of the UBA Committee in Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law.



The reporters encovered such vital questions as peculiarities of disciplinary responsibility of attorney-at-laws, defense of the rights of attorney-at-law in the scope of new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine on Advocacy; problems of advocacy taxation and the issue of court recovery of legal service costs.


Among the members of the round table there were private attorney-at-laws, legal advisers, representatives of law companies, public organizations, bar associations and the Odessa Region Bar Council.


In the process of making reports the participants asked lots of questions upon all the topics. The reporters answered thereto immediately, having serious practice experience and having left a single unsatisfied.