Interlegal continues successful ship arrest practice as debtor claim security

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Interlegal experts performed one more successful ship arrest as maritime claim security on the grounds of ship repair.

This situation is a special case, since, with regards to certain judicial procedure, the ship was arrested as claim security without summoning participants to the court hearing.

The court treated as noteworthy the Claimant’s arguments that notification of the debtor – foreign legal entity on court consideration of ship arrest will facilitate neither lawsuit nor maritime claim security goal, in particular will increase consideration period.

Having made a decision on ship arrest, the court treated as duly justified circumstances related to claim security, including statement that the debtor property, i.e. vessel, may leave Ukraine, as well as adequacy and compatibility of lawsuit and claim security type on which the Claimant applied.

Practice shows that ship arrest still remains the convincing argument in the dialogue with debtor – shipowner upon the issue of debt recovery.

Interlegal lawyer Mikhail Selivanov and senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya led the case.