Interlegal lawyers arrested the vessel and facilitated debt return for ship repair

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A Client – ship repair enterprise filed a request to Interlegal on debt recovery for ship repair, in view of longstanding debt return procedure. First, Interlegal lawyers arrested the vessel in July in the framework of maritime claim. But the vessel, being aware of forthcoming arrest at the Ukrainian sea port, did not enter the territorial waters of Ukraine.

Three months later, the Debtor tried again to load cargo at the Ukrainian sea port. In view of debt for ship repair and in order to avoid ship arrest, the Debtor stated another Ukrainian destination port than in fact. Meantime Interlegal lawyers, having large experience in ship arrest and being aware of all the nuances, detected the actual destination port in due time.

The relevant application on ship arrest as maritime claim security, jointly with all the necessary evidence, was filed to the court as soon as possible. The court agreed with Interlegal lawyers’ arguments and satisfied the application on ship arrest. Following ship arrest, the Client and the Debtor arranged debt recovery procedure resulting in vessel release one day after ship arrest, without idle stay.

Interlegal proved once more effectiveness of ship arrest as debt return mechanism.

Interlegal junior lawyer Igor Derus and attorney-at-law Vitalii Tolstik led the case.