Partner of Interlegal became a member of GMAA

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Nikolay Melnykov, partner of Interlegal, has become a member of the German Maritime Arbitration Association. The German Maritime Arbitration Association (short GMAA) offers the worldwide maritime industry an out-of-court procedure to settle shipping disputes both in German and English.


GMAA proceedings are favourable to those who use them and are therefore advantageous for both shipowners and charterers. The GMAA proceedings are fully neutral. The appointed arbitrators do not decide based upon who the shipowner is and who the charterer is, but rather objectively in accordance with the facts and relevant laws. Anybody whom you trust and who appears to you to be suitable to decide independently and objectively can be appointed by you as arbitrator in GMAA proceedings.


In England the arbitrators have a very passive role and rule on what has been presented to them. In Germany the arbitrators are requested to contribute actively to clarifying the matter at hand by means of asking productive questions and giving directions. Also it is commonly accepted that the GMAA is less expensive than the LMAA.


Relationship between GMAA and Interlegal was established first in 2008 when the delegation of German lawyers took an active part in mock arbitration in the framework of the conference “Practice of Maritime Business” (Odessa) organized by Interlegal. Nikolay Melnykov is the only GMAA member practicing law in countries of Black Sea Region.