Ukrainian legislation - advises for large foreign shipowner

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With regards to voluminous export component of Ukraine, calls of foreign vessels at the Ukrainian ports are usually are subjected to strict control of various state authorities while their close attention sometimes exceeds the limits set by Ukrainian legislation.

Many questions arise from relationship between the shipowner and the Ukrainian vessel crew members as well, since Ukraine has been a leader at the seafarer labour market for many years, especially in Black Sea, Sea of Azov and Mediterranean regions.

The Client’s requests concern mechanisms of the shipowner’s interest defence during vessel calls at the Ukrainian ports, legal aspects of cooperation with the Ukrainian crew members and other issues with the Ukrainian element involved.

One of the Client’s requests concerned requirement of the Ukrainian state authority to provide confidential information by the shipowner. Interlegal lawyer, Ekaterina Gadetskaya, under general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko, consulted promptly the Client regarding the rights of foreign legal entities in case of receipt of requests from state authorities and the current mechanisms of defending such rights in case of receipt of illegal requirements of state authorities.

In the framework of 24/7 service, Interlegal regularly advises the shipowner upon provisions of the Ukrainian legislation and provides practical recommendations regarding defence of shipowners’ rights at the Ukrainian ports.


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