Interlegal continues advising major international traders on export of agricultural products from Black Sea Region

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Within the framework of International Trade practice Interlegal experts advise major traders of agricultural products on effective contractual schemes of sale and purchase, storage and carriage of commodities.

Upon request of the Client  – international trading company, Interlegal team of lawyers drafted the scheme of sale and purchase, storage and carriage of grain commodities from Black Sea Region, with regard to bank financing peculiarities and logistic scheme of delivery of goods. A special suit of documents was required for scheme performance.

Apart from general issues of legal regulation of this type of relationship, Interlegal experts analyzed the scope of the parties’ rights and liabilities on all stages of logistic chain, possible risks which may arise on each stage, options of security measures in respect of fulfillment contractual obligations of the seller under the sales contract, warehouse and freight forwarder.

As a result, Interlegal experts drafted a suit of documents applicable to the whole trade scheme: a set of required contracts, schemes of document flow and distribution of duties between logistic chain members, alongside with legal opinion regarding legal regulation of grain sale and purchase, storage and carriage and necessary recommendations upon risk minimization and applicable security measures.

Ekaterina Gadetskaya, the lawyer, and Karina Gorovaya, the senior lawyer, under general supervision of Natalya Myroshnychenko, the associated partner, worked upon the case.