Interlegal experts keep supporting successfully contracts of sale and purchase of grain for export

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In the new grain season, Interlegal lawyers keep cooperating actively with the Ukrainian exporters and their foreign counteragents. In the framework of one of the effective cooperation forms, Interlegal provides LegalСare service which is a full legal support of GAFTA/FOSFA contracts on FOB, СIF, СFR terms from the Black Sea Region.

Interlegal experts provide consulting services 24/7 regarding the nominated shipments, participate actively and expeditiously in settlement of problematic situations arising between the parties during fulfillment of their obligations, represent the clients’ interests in disputes being decided by GAFTA/FOSFA arbitration.

In one of the recent cases, the Client – one of the leading foreign agrarian exporters from Ukraine, nominated for the legal support a contract of sale of sunflower seed cake on FOB terms. The contract was drafted on the basis of GAFTA 49 standard form, indicating special terms agreed between the parties, including terms of payment. Total contractual value constituted nearly USD 1 500 000.

Due to the involvement of Interlegal lawyers already at the stage of agreeing the contract terms, the deal was successful and resulted in mutual readiness of the parties for further active cooperation. The Client received payment for the goods in time and in full.

The contract was supported by Interlegal leading experts in LegalСare, Olena Ptashenchuk and Ekaterina Gadetskaya.