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Our mission is

 To be useful for Transport, Shipping and International Trade people in their fair business.

Why us?

Since 1995 our domain is Transport, Shipping and International Trade. We correlate peculiarities nature of local market and international standards. We provide the flexible approach and understand clearly the client’s requests. We offer value added services and always take care of the clients’ budget.

Black Sea and Caspian lawyers

Beside the headquarters in Odessa, Interlegal law firm boasts integrated regional teams providing a unified practice, quality management system and shared know-how base. Interlegal is probably the only regional law firm working in all countries of the Black Sea and Caspian basin: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.

Our office in Odessa operates as a matrix organization. Working as the integrated teams with local representatives in ports of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and associated offices throughout the world allows us to ensure strong specialization, know-how sharing and prompt, efficient and reliable service in any issue that comes out in the Black and Caspian Seas.

In addition to maintaining permanent presence in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, our law firm operates daily in cooperation with friends and colleagues from renowned law firms from numerous jurisdictions, especially those based in European countries, Northern Africa and Middle East.

Our detailed knowledge of local markets across the region of the Black Sea, extensive experience of lawyers and admiralty managers together with a strong sense of a commercial “can do” approach help us contribute effectively to our clients’ business.

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Why Interlegal?

Our clients are fast – so we have to and we work even faster. Quick advice, capacious conclusion, prompt resolution of a dispute are our normal tools.
Being in constant contact with clients and key industry players, we are always in trend. It gives us opportunity to understand what the client needs right now, and to propose the best options promptly.
Niche specialization over the years forces us solve similar problems from different angles. Each case is individual, but we can predict the development of the situation better and know what solutions actuary work.
We only charge our clients with effectively spent time and always relate our fee to the benefit received by the client. We never postpone work for tomorrow and never transfer it to kids.
Interlegal lawyers are active members of special international associations.

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