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In fact, investment activity is one of the riskiest business activities. It requires large financial contributions from the investor. Many investments should be paid-off for a long time, while each stage of the project bears risks of loss of invested resources.

Why investment project legal support is required?

Legal support of investment activity guarantees the defense of investors against breach of their rights and legal interests regarding investment objects. Professional assistance at all stages of investment payback mitigates risks of negative scenarios, as well as facilitates control over compliance with regulatory acts on investments.

The economic benefit of successful project completion pays off the costs of qualified legal services. Defense of investments by third-party organizations facilitates objective and prompt modification of the company’s activity, jointly with assessment of the current analytics for project performance indicators.

Interlegal services: investment support

Interlegal is a reliable partner and a true assistant in doing business. We will help you to assess the investment projects of any complexity, in terms of financial attractiveness, payback, and efficiency.

To support investors, our law firm provides the following services:

  • Structuring and legal support of transactions both in Ukraine and abroad: corporate rights, shares, real estate, business;
  • Organization of guaranteed settlements: escrow, letter of credit, guarantee;
  • Market conjuncture assessment;
  • Search of external financing sources;
  • Development of investment strategies, working schemes, plans, and tender documentation;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Consulting upon investments into foreign projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses;
  • Drafting business plans, personal contracts, and agreements;
  • Verifying investment objects and further business partners;
  • Workout of the best investment variant (concession, privatization, joint venture, lease, public-private partnership, etc.);

Legal support of investment projects and deals positively affects the speed of business idea implementation, optimization of time and financial costs for its launch. Interlegal, as a successful partner in transport and logistic services, is ready to defend interests at courts, in cooperation with government services and contractors.

Please read our articles about investments. We have them written for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business.

  • Non-resident companies shall register with the Ukrainian tax authorities as payers of income tax18.03.21 18.03.21
    Non-resident companies shall register with the Ukrainian tax authorities as payers of income tax. The due date is before April 1, 2021.more
  • Share pledge in Ukraine11.12.19 11.12.19
    One of the measures aimed to secure contractual obligations under the Ukrainian law may be share pledge in the authorized capital of Limited Liability Company. LLC is one of the most widespread forms of making business in Ukraine).more
  • Establishing business in Ukraine – key points11.12.19 11.12.19
    In recent years, Ukrainian lawmakers have tried to simplify the conditions for opening companies and doing business in Ukraine. It concerns, in particular, corporate and currency legislation, which have faced significant changes within the last two years. Let us review key points of doing business in Ukraine.more
  • A comprehensive guide to business immigration to Ukraine02.12.19 02.12.19
    The regime of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine became a regular client’s request to our experts after the government has stepped up its policy of attracting foreign investments. We decided to highlight, in detail and step-by-step, peculiarities of the Ukrainian legislation in such field.more
  • Due diligence of a company in Ukraine25.11.19 25.11.19
    Due diligence of a Ukrainian company may be carried out for various purposes and can be either simplified (i.e. in order to verify the counterparty under business contracts) or more complex (i.e. in order to verify the company before acquiring its corporate rights, shares).more
  • Public Stevedoring Companies Olvia and Kherson Concession Pilot Project: how it came, how it did and what is now27.01.19 27.01.19
    The very idea of the project came during the office of Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andrii Pyvovarskyi back in 2016 and surfaced rather solid in early 2018 under the new Minister’s, namely Volodymyr Omelian, leadership with support on the part of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) and the Cabinet of Ministers.more
  • Establishing business in Ukraine – key points26.06.19 26.06.19
    In recent years, Ukrainian lawmakers have tried to simplify the conditions for opening companies and doing business in Ukraine.more
  • How to buy property in Cyprus as a non-resident09.08.18 09.08.18
    Immovable property in Cyprus is highly sought after. A large part of Cyprus’ appeal lies in its wonderful climate and ecology and its promise as one of the safest places in the world, as well as its English-speaking environment. Russian is also very widely spoken. Yet, one of the main reasons for seeking property investment is that, currently, property acquisition in Cyprus allows the investor to obtain full citizenship of an EU-member state.more
  • Lease, concession and privatization of ports in Ukraine23.06.17 23.06.17
    2016 year is coming to the end, while disputes concerning deadlock recovery of investments at the Ukrainian sea ports still continue. One say, no privatization, only lease or concession. The others contest any types of privatization of sea port property and activity. There are so many opinions that it is impossible to list all of them.more
  • Lien as security of obligations in merchant shipping24.02.16 24.02.16
    In the modern civilized society more attention is paid to the legal guarantees than to responsibility. It is not a surprise, since the goal of the law is the actual implementation thereof, i.e. proper performance, adherence, use of regulations, rights and obligations, including civil ones...more

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