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At each transportation stage, a logistician may face cargo retention by carrier or cargo arrest by state authorities, leaving aside such traditional risks as vessel idle stay, demurrage, detention, cargo forced storage, absence of Bill of Lading, etc.


What we do for you:

  • Holding negotiations with the container line in respect of demurrage, vessel idle stay, loss of cargo and storage costs for unclaimed cargo;

  • Drafting a reliable universal agreement on freight forwarding or other services in cargo transportation/handling, machinery and equipment purchase, Terms & Conditions;

  • Securing appeal against awards and actions of customs and other state authorities;

  • Drafting your own House Bill of Lading and NVOCC;

  • Drafting FCR individual proforma and FCR regulations;

  • Debt recovery from clients and damage recovery from subcontractors;

  • Defense of your interests at the Ukrainian and foreign courts and arbitrations (link to Litigation & Arbitration)

  • Consulting upon the following issues:


    • Cargo retention by carriers and state authorities;

    • Cargo insurance; 

    • Freight forwarder carrier and terminal liability insurance;

    • Subrogation and recourse recovery;

    • Loss, shortage and damage of cargo;

    • International sanctions;

    • Temporary import, dredging, port tariffs, etc.



How to buy a floating dock at the state without loss? The Client, a large South African holding company, set a unique task for Interlegal: legal support of the multimillion deal upon sale & purchase of a floating dock to be constructed at the state shipyard.
How to win LMAA arbitration and to save 500 thousand USD for the Client? The Client, cargo owner who incurred losses amounting to ca. 500,000 USD due to cargo deterioration during sea carriage, applied to Interlegal.

Interlegal maritime and transport lawyers are active members of special international associations in transport & logistics.

Please read our articles about transport practices. We have them written for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business.


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    It is obvious, if at the stage of negotiations the parties discuss the whole range of terms for their further relationship and its performance procedure, as well as fixed their arrangements in the contract, many problems will be avoided.more

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