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Maritime and shipping law services

Since 1995, shipping has been Interlegal principal activity. Our traditional clients are shipowners, managers, charterers, cargo owners, P&I clubs, insurance companies, ship chandlers, ship agents, fuel suppliers, ship repair yards, and other parties to carriages.

Collecting bunker debtWhen urgency matters.
General average shadows How to refund costs: 13 years after the disaster.
Costa Concordia: the last cruise In January 2012, m/v Costa Concordia shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Giglio Island.
The demurrage begins with… A foreign Shipowner applied to Interlegal due to non-payment of demurrage by the Charterer, accrued in accordance with the Charter Party and applicable standard proforma GENCON 1976.
Tailor-made Voyage Charter for large metal product exporter Interlegal lawyers drafted promptly justification of the Charterer’s position, followed by dispute settlement with regards to the latter’s interests.
The third is the charm! Large bulker fleet operator vs. Shipowner and P&I In December 2013, in the process of loading, one of the largest Time Charterer’s vessel collided with another vessel during the latter’s maneuvering. It was risky to continue the voyage.

Our maritime law services:

  • Provide unique clauses for charter parties (Bareboat Charter, Time Charter, Voyage Charter), bills of lading, ship sale & purchase contracts, insurance policies and other documents;

  • Draft fleet management (Shipman), crewing (Crewman), ship repair and construction agreements;

  • Defend interests of shipowners, charterers and other parties to sea carriages against claim proceedings at courts and international maritime arbitrations;

  • Ship arrest or release in any Black Sea and other countries;

  • Litigate disputes:

    • on damages to transported goods and ensuing liability attached to the maritime carrier, damages to the ship caused by the nature of the carried goods;

    • on issues of lay days and demurrage including damages resulting from late entry to port or late access to the operative quay;

    • on damages suffered by the carrier as a result of force majeure;

  • Settle disputes upon cargo, Charter Parties, and Bills of Lading;

  • Refunding debts to shipbuilding and ship repair yards;

  • Settle disputes arising from vessel/yacht sale & purchase;

  • Settle claims and issues upon cargo, general average, salvage, sea pollution, marine accidents, and vessel collision;

  • Consult upon the following issues:

    • H&M and P&I insurance, subrogation, yacht, and yacht club insurance and registration;

    • vehicle withdrawal by the customs office and seizure by the court;

    • executing temporary import;

    • vessel registration: principal and parallel;

    • ice clauses;

    • demurrage and laycan;

    • dangerous cargo carriage;

    • bunkering, sea towing services;

  • Draft legal opinions and consulting upon proprietary issues and ship arrest in the Black Sea Region.

Our team members are professional maritime lawyers. We guarantee a thorough analysis of case status and finding the most optimal solution for your business.

Maritime law unites people from various countries and continents – that is also our company’s principle! We have a wide range of maritime law associated offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, for the purpose of prompt and professional settlement of our clients’ tasks.

Interlegal lawyers are active members of special international shipping associations.

Please read our articles about shipping practices. We have them written for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business.


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