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Both positive changes in law actively carried out by the Ukrainian parliament and proactive government course have a positive effect on facilitating favorable business conditions in Ukraine.

For 25 years of operation in the Ukrainian market, our company has diversified experience in opening various business types in Ukraine and making business structures.

What we do for you:

  • Registering a company in Ukraine, foreign company branch or representative office on a turnkey basis;

  • Obtaining the necessary permits (licenses);

  • Carrying out due diligence of companies, corporate structures in Ukraine;

  • Supporting the deal on sale & purchase of business, participation interests in Ukraine;

  • Drafting/modifying the Articles of Association and Corporate Contract, in order to facilitate quick, at the members’ discretion, settlement of issues regarding activities of limited and additional liability companies;

  • Consulting upon tax legislation of Ukraine;

  • Analyzing contractual relations both with Ukrainian and foreign partners, in view of tax consequences;

  • Appeal against decisions of the Ukrainian tax authorities;

  • Creating an enterprise, a holding company for real estate ownership;

  • Consulting upon the following issues:

• business taxation;

• transfer pricing;

• business owner’s liability;

• antitrust legislation;

• currency and investment legislation;

• sale & purchase of assets both in Ukraine and abroad;

• dividends, interests, royalties;

• tax information exchange;

• protection against fraud schemes;

• holding companies and subsidiaries, representative offices and branches;

• trusts and funds;

• labor relations;

• natural person income tax in Ukraine;

• employment in Ukraine, obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit.

For IT-business owners:
  • Registration and supporting R&D office in Ukraine;

  • Contracts for software development, maintenance, licensing, user (EULA) agreements for outsource/outstaff and product companies;

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with employees;

  • TERMS & CONDITIONS for site, application, software;

  • Protection and registration of software copyright;

  • Trainings on business security in case of illegal actions of law enforcement agencies.


Please read our articles about corporate practice. We have them written for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business. 


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