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Personal Attorney Service

In the framework of practice “Interlegal 24/7 Personal Attorney Service”, we provide 24/7 legal support for our clients and their family members in order to obtain prompt consulting upon non-business issues.

Our attorneys-at-law will tell you how to behave in a certain life situation, what to say, which proposed documents are safe to sign, which rights and obligations the client has. When necessary, attorney-at-law will visit you immediately for professional legal assistance.

What will we do for you:

  • Consulting you and your family members upon non-business issues:

    • Family relations and succession;
    • Taxation of personal assets (e.g. real estate, cars);
    • Judicial determination of kinship and lost documents;
    • Judicial recognition of will as invalid.
  • Assistance under certain life situations, jointly with clarifying rights and obligations:

    • Real estate purchase to family members & next of kin and real estate registration;
    • Partition of family’s property;
    • Drafting the marriage contract.
  • Assistance in correct certification of traffic accident:

    • Visiting the place of traffic accident and its documentary certification;
    • Return of driving license;
    • Insurance payment recovery;
    • Representation of your interests at the police/court;
  • Criminal proceedings defense;
  • Training courses for your enterprise personnel: how to behave during visit of law enforcement officers; minimizing the number of further unjustified inspections and negative effects.

Interlegal lawyers are members of the Law Union “International Law Collegium” and other Ukrainian and international law associations .

Please read our articles about our personal attorney service. We have written them for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business.

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