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Legal services for IT companies

Legal services for IT companies

The development of information technologies and the launch of online projects requires for large financial investments, intellectual resources, and correct legal support.

Digitalization and global network markets have been developed in compliance with the current legislation on information technologies. Only professional IT lawyers may facilitate the integrity of information and personal data, protect electronic financial resources of entrepreneurs and assist in the launch of Internet trading.

Legal support of information technologies is necessary both for owners of websites, online stores and for software developers or startup users. Web studios, online mass media, crowdfunding platforms and other companies engaged in similar business at any stage of their activity may face legal problems requiring prompt legal support.

Interlegal supports companies with smart contracts needs by providing fully integrated legal and technical advice to help them realize the growing potential of smart contracts. Interlegal team provides clients with smart contracts legal advice including on jurisdiction, regulation, terms and conditions and enforcement.

Interlegal services: IT

Interlegal law team has large experience in legal support of technological business projects. We render legal services for IT companies with regards to the latest amendments in the law of various countries. If IT companies apply to us, they may expect to obtain the following types of legal services:

  • Consulting upon launch and performance of IT projects, option for entry into international markets, cooperation in opening affiliates in other countries;
  • Drafting maintenance agreements, software development, user and license agreements;
  • Drafting NDA, i.e. agreements on non-disclosure of confidential information by the company employees;
  • Drafting agreements on information and personal data protection;
  • Copyright protection in IT technologies;
  • Smart contracts legal support;
  • Training courses upon business safety in case of unlawful actions of law enforcement bodies.

Our lawyers will solve effectively the tasks of any complexity, aimed at the creation and application of information technologies in business. All the documents required for the company’s activity will be drafted before work commencement and will be implemented promptly in its business structure, that is: shareholding agreements, corporate agreements, offers, agreements with transport companies, and payment gateways, business process internal regulations. If necessary, we will cooperate in sources of IT-startup financing resources.

Why Interlegal?

Interlegal has been engaged in the market of business legal support services for 25 years. Perfect results of our work are confirmed not only by the large experience of cooperation with clients (most of them become our regular clients) but also by a good reputation in the Ukrainian market.

We opened offices in 29 countries worldwide and gained experience in international trade. Entrepreneurs engaged in IT business and Internet project may apply to use for entry into international markets. We know the facts of the successful practice of doing IT business in other countries; therefore we may easily launch business models and strategies available for implementation in the Ukrainian market.

For each client, we offer individual terms of cooperation and legal support. Our experts defend copyrights, trademarks and patents both during pretrial dispute settlement and as defense of the client’s interests at the court. Reliable legal support of qualified lawyers facilitates not only prompt organization of information business but also a defense against the arbitrariness of law enforcement bodies and government agencies engaged in data protection.

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