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Legal Support of Foreign Economic Activity

The company’s entry into the international market always faces difficulties. Legal conflicts in the laws of the countries, differences in business specifications and customs control procedure — only a qualified lawyer engaged in international relations may understand them.

Foreign economic activity can be treated in broad and narrow sense. In first case, FEA means international relations in the country’s economic development, while in second case it means entry into global markets upon export and import of goods owned by individual business entities. Broadening horizons of business development and promotion entails both risks and attractive prospects for the entrepreneur. It is difficult to master global markets independently, without proper preparation and specific skills in foreign economic activity.

Legal support of foreign economic activity allows companies and private investors to use reliably and correctly financial resources, business ideas and strategies, being confident in positive outcome of international project.

When FEA legal support is required?

Law firm consulting upon FEA should provide to the receiving party the most necessary information about business specifications in another country. The list of services for business legal support is quite extensive and depends on legal features of the country market development, whereto the entrepreneur is planning to enter.

Legal support should include not only consulting upon legislation of other countries, but also practical assistance in goods transportation, their customs clearance, drafting contracts on purchase of equipment abroad.

Foreign economic contract on purchase of goods or equipment, supply of exported goods for import has its own legal peculiarities. This contract should be drafted in such way, in order to remain valid in any country. Each subject of cooperation should expect judicial defense of its interests in the framework of foreign economic contract.

Interlegal services: FEA

Interlegal is a recognized leader of the Ukrainian and foreign markets engaged in logistics, world trade and sea carriages. Our law firm provides a wide scope of services aimed at the company’s entry into international markets with minimum risks of problems and customs disputes.

Our services in FEA include:


  • Consulting upon trade financing, securing international settlements, purchase of technique and other assets;
  • Minimizing risks of cargo delay, settlement of delivery problems;
  • Explanation of international law;
  • Drafting contracts on sea carriages;
  • Legal support of import and export deals;
  • Control over customs procedures;
  • Pretrial dispute settlement.

If you apply to us, you may not only save your time and financial resources but also to obtain promptly positive outcome of your new international project.

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