• Default by English law in commercial contract17 июля : ru 7 en 3Сегодня: ru 1 en 119 июля : ru 2 всего: 17 17.07.24

    English law attracts participants in shipping industry contracts due to its widespread use and authority. In fact, English law is the preferred governing law for business deals throughout the world, even those that have no geographical connection to the United Kingdom.
  • What is novation in the English law?17 июля : ru 2 en 119 июля : ru 2 14 июля : ru 1 всего: 58 28.05.24
    Novation means replacement of one of the parties to an agreement between two parties by mutual consent of three parties. A novation replaces the old obligation with a new one and effectively creates a new contract with new parties.
  • Post-releas: EBA Odesa Business Talks: Recovery Ukraine. Recovery projects in the South of Ukraine27 мая : ru 2 en 130 мая : ru 2 2 июля : en 1 всего: 19 27.05.24
    On 23 May, the Southern Ukrainian Office of the European Business Association in partnership with Interlegal held a Business Talk on an urgent and extremely important for the Ukrainian business community topic – "Recovery Ukraine. Reconstruction projects in the South of Ukraine".
  • Interlegal Shipping digest Q4 20238 января : en 389 января : en 910 января : en 5 всего: 114 08.01.24

    The Interlegal team has prepared for you a shipping digest for the last quarter of 2023. Here the latest news!!!
  • What errors should be avoided while entering into CIF contracts?18 января : ru 4 en 327 декабря 2023 г.: ru 2 en 120 декабря 2023 г.: ru 1 en 1 всего: 298 15.12.23

    The seller shall be deemed as having fulfilled its delivery obligations when the goods insured thereby are stowed on board the vessel for goods delivery to the port of destination. Trade contracts often apply such basis of delivery, so from time to time we clarify the list of the parties’ sore spots that should be taken into account while entering into CIF contracts.
  • Certificate is final as to quality...20 декабря 2023 г.: ru 4 en 219 января : ru 1 en 12 февраля : ru 1 en 1 всего: 118 13.12.23

    This wording is often set out in trade contracts. In this article, let us answer what is real essence of such a provision.
  • Post Release: Shipping and Trade day 202312 декабря 2023 г.: en 315 декабря 2023 г.: en 315 февраля : en 1 всего: 9 12.12.23
    Another Shipping and Trade Day online conference was held on December, 7. This annual event for traders and shippers Interlegal run jointly with our reliable partners Black Sea Institute of Maritime and Trade Law.
  • 18 months of war in Ukraine: how the shipping industry is faring28 февраля : en 34 марта : en 319 февраля : en 2 всего: 15 05.12.23
    For the past year and a half, the shipping industry in Ukraine and the rest of the world has endured numerous challenges due to the war, including loss of life and vessels in the Black Sea, disruption to trade with Russia and Ukraine and the growing burden of sanctions.
  • Vessel blocking at the Ukrainian sea ports4 декабря 2023 г.: en 323 апреля : en 318 января : en 2 всего: 56 04.12.23

    In the aftermath of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian seaports were abruptly closed, resulting in a significant blockade of commercial vessels. Karyna Gorovaya's article delves into the intricate legal and logistical challenges faced by businesses and the maritime industry during this period. It highlights the resilience and determination of the community, revealing how they navigated these complexities. The article sheds light on the evolving dynamics in this post-conflict environ
  • Anticipatory breach: FAQ4 января : ru 2 en 220 декабря 2023 г.: ru 1 en 217 июля : ru 1 en 1 всего: 108 17.11.23

    It happens quite often the parties have entered into a trade contract, and without waiting for the deadline to fulfill the obligation, one of the parties declares the impossibility or unwillingness to fulfill its obligations under the contract, also known as anticipatory breach.