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How to defend yourself against actions of unfair shipowner under the Bareboat Charter
Risk borne by charterers, related to loss of their rights due to the shipowner’s unlawful actions.
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Collecting bunker debt - when urgency matters
The Client – large bunkering company making business in Black Sea Region – applied to Interlegal for debt recovery for bunker supply from the Shipowner amounting to 50,000 USD.
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How to buy floating dock at the state without loss?
The Client, large South African holding company, set a unique task for Interlegal: legal support of the multimillion deal upon sale & purchase of a floating dock to be constructed at the state shipyard.
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How to save 194,000 USD and to gain friends?
The Client, large international grain trader, used LegalCare program (i.e. legal support of GAFTA/FOSFA contracts) and applied to Interlegal for legal support of the contract on carriage of 25 thousand tons of wheat.
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Costa Concordia: the last cruise
In January 2012, m/v Costa Concordia shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Giglio Island. At the moment of disaster, there were 3,216 passengers from 62 countries and 1,023 crew members on board, including 108 Russians and 45 Ukrainians among the passengers.
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General average shadows. How to refund costs: 13 years after the disaster.
In 2005, m/v “Norasia Taurus” owners declared on general average due to container inflammation while the vessel was leaving the Damietta sea port (Egypt). Fire resulted in 55 fire-damaged containers and 59 water-flooded containers in the process of fire fighting.
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Tailor-made Voyage Charter for large metal product exporter.
Interlegal lawyers drafted promptly justification of the Charterer’s position, followed by dispute settlement with regards to the latter’s interests.
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The demurrage begins with…
A foreign Shipowner applied to Interlegal due to non-payment of demurrage by the Charterer, accrued in accordance with the Charter Party and applicable standard proforma GENCON 1976.
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Concession Pilot Project
Public Stevedoring Companies Olvia and Kherson Concession Pilot Project: how it came, how it did and what is now.
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The third is the charm! Large bulker fleet operator vs. Shipowner and P&I
In December 2013, in the process of loading, one of the largest Time Charterer’s vessel collided with another vessel during the latter’s maneuvering. It was risky to continue voyage.
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How proper negotiations allow to keep the contract and commercial relations
Interlegal represented the buyer under CIF contract for sale of seeds, governed by FOSFA Contract No. 11 – according to the quality certificate provided by the seller, the Goods appeared to be contaminated by alive insects, despite the fact that contractual quality specification directly provided for absence of alive insects.
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