Maritime Day: SEA OF GRAIN 2023

15 мая 2023 г.: ru 43 en 316 мая 2023 г.: ru 26 en 717 мая 2023 г.: ru 4 en 211.05.23

We are waiting for you at the conference Maritime day: Sea of Grain, to be held on June 23, 2023, in the center of Odesa.  

Presentations by experts, business communicating networking that unites grain & trade business interests – all at one place.

For a long period, it is the first large-scale conference that is worth attending – in the most beautiful city worldwide! That’s a unique chance to have a good weekend: in a friendly atmosphere with much profit!

We will speak about shipping & grain business, discuss how we overcame obstacles for the previous year, forecast our further plans, highlight our own victories, and share success we gained in Black Sea Region.

Two sections and well-known Shipping Dinner, as well as a surprise from our partners (it’s a secret) – that’s what will be held for everyone!

DATE: June 23, 2023
Premier Hotel Odesa

Discussion themes:  

- Grain export in Black Sea: new realities
- What is the opinion of global logistic companies?  
- Are specific investments in logistic business relevant right now?
- Why can Odesa Region gain a reputation of logistic Mecca?
- Strategies for 2023: what to choose?  

Including actual case studies! 


- Vaskov Yurii, Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine, Deputy Minister 
- Gorbachov Mykola, Ukrainian Grain Association, President 
- Koloianov Roman, Maersk Ukraine, CEO 
- Dochtsis Dimitrios, Consulate General of Greece in Odesa, Consul General
- Grygoryshyn Roman, Odesa Region State Administration, Deputy Head 
- Barinov Dmytro, USPA, Deputy Head upon cooperation with state authorities