MeetUp: War Times Interlegal Specials

9 мая 2022 г.: ru 97 en 610 мая 2022 г.: ru 65 en 17 мая 2022 г.: ru 4 en 106.05.22

Interlegal jointly with our partners EBAAPK-InformDolphin Cargo ServiceInterparusEnglishlaw.reportBlack Sea institute of shipping and trade law and Nautical Institute of Ukraine invites you to the new season of webinars in MeetUp format: War Times Specials. 

Our speakers will share vital issues with experts in Transport, Shipping and International Trade. 

You will merge into the following themes:

- English law and grain trade
- Force majeure under trade contracts
- Yacht registration and insurance
- Business with China
- Business relocation
- Sanctions against russian federation
- Damage recovery
- Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards

Webinar schedule

Date: 12.05, 2:00 PM

Theme: Force majeure under trade contracts

Speakers: Nikita Kocherba, Interlegal

                 Karina Shakhbazian, Interlegal

Date: 17.05, 2:00 PM

Theme: Yachting legal aspects: yacht registration and insurance, temporary import in EU, French yachting market review 

Speakers: Valeria Fetysenko, Interlegal

                 Alexander Goron, Interparus

Date: 19.05, 2:00 PM

Theme: Damage recovery in favor of shipowners at the Ukrainian sea ports

Speaker:  Taras Dragan, Interlegal

Date: 24.05, 2:00 PM

Theme: Contracts under English law (to be held in the framework of International Conference Grain Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022)

Speakers: Aybek Akhmedov, Interlegal

                 Igor Kostov, Interlegal

Date: 26.05, 2:00 PM

Theme Damage recovery for the Ukrainian business

Speakers: Viacheslav Solodenko, Interlegal

                 Dmitri Ochkolias, Interlegal

Date: 31.05, 2:00 PM

Theme: Sanctions against russian federation

Speakers: Marta Sverdlykivska, Interlegal

                 Aybek Akhmedov, Interlegal

                 Alberto Batini, Interlegal in London

Date: 07.06, 2:00 PM

Theme: Fleet purchase deals under English law: algorithms, check lists, Interlegal case studies

Speakers:  Mykola Kozachenko, Interlegal

                  Selin Kulturel Darendeli, Dogu Law Firm - Interlegal

Date: 09.06, 2:00 PM

Theme: Dealing with China: verifying counteragents, launching business in China

Speakers: Karyna Gorovaya, Interlegal

                 Olesya Gorachek, Interlegal

                 Oleg Kostyuk, Formag Group

Date: 14.06, 2:00 PM

Theme: Registration and doing international business; business relocation

Speaker:  Alyona Remenyak, Interlegal

                Marta Sverdlykivska, Interlegal

Date: 16.06, 2:00 PM

Theme: Recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards outside Ukraine

Speaker:  Irina Maltseva, Interlegal

                Nikita Kocherba, Interlegal

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