WEBINAR: Force majeure, cargo loss, supply quality: how to foresee it?

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Force majeure, cargo loss, supply quality  that happens,but it can be foreseen.

It needs just a comprehensive legal approach and should be anticipated in advance.

How to prevent most obstacles: we will share with you case studies from various practices.Ourcases will be useful for everyone engaged in international trade: road carriages, fertilizers, ICAC, force majeure in large container transportations and many others.

When: at 02:00 PM on September 13 (Baku)

Where: by ZOOM online platform

Moderated by: Roman Dedkov, CEO RDL group

Speaker: Nikita Kocherba, Interlegal lawyer

ALL the market players face the following main problems:

  1. Quality/quantity: case study upon quality of Turkish fertilizers
  2. Container transportations: case study upon container detained at the seaport
  3. Cargo loss during transportation: case study upon carriage by road
  4. Loss recovery: case study upon recent ICAC proceedings
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