Mehmet Dogu

Mehmet Dogu

Partner, Turkey

Work experience: since 1990.

Education: Istanbul University, Faculty of Law.

Membership: The Istanbul Bar, The Turkish Chamber of Shipping.

Languages: English, Turkish, Japanese.

Family status: married.

Hobbies: aikido.


  • Establishing business in Ukraine – key points

    In recent years, Ukrainian lawmakers have tried to simplify the conditions for opening companies and doing business in Ukraine. It concerns, in particular, corporate and currency legislation, whi...подробнее
  • Annotation on amendments to Turkish port regulations

    Some major amendments on Turkish Port Regulation took place in the Official Gazette dated 24th September, 2019. By this article, Mehmet Dogu, Interlegal partner from Turkey (Dogu Law Firm) draws attention of viewers to t...подробнее
  • International Convention on Arrest of Ships Enters Into Force in Turkey

    A presidential decree has been published in the official gazette on 03.05.2019 marking the date on which the 1999 Convention officially became binding by law upon the Turkish authorities.  Since 1995, shipping has...подробнее
  • Sanctions of Black Sea Region countries

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  • Turkish authorities impose complete ban on Crimea traffic

    On 06.10.2017, in the matter of  “Principles of navigation in the regions of the Black Sea and the Crimea”, the Turkish government has issued a decision  in order to prohibit vessels arriving from or calling at...подробнее
  • Mandatory insurance policy for vessels calling at Turkish ports

    According to the current regulations, since 2011 all vessels over 300 GT calling at Turkish ports or other facilities in Turkish waters, as well as Turkish flagged vessels, must have valid P&I insurance policy which...подробнее
  • The extension of time period for transit passage in Turkish straits

    One of the recent developments in Maritime section is most welcome by ship owners whereas the time period for awaiting before passing the Turkish straits  such as Bosphorus and Dardanelles has been extended from 48...подробнее
  • Turkish Parliament has ratified the International Convention on the Arrest of Ships 1999

    Turkish Parliament has ratified the International Convention on the Arrest of Ships 1999 ("1999 Convention") and the International Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages 1993 (“1993 Convention”) on 25 March 2017....подробнее
  • Cargo Shortage Fines – Turkey

    We set our advice regarding the Cargo shortage fines imposed by the Turkish Custom in respect of short delivery. When cargo is short-delivered, Custom will serve a notice to the local agent of the vessel declaring the...подробнее