Causal fact recognition by the court

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A Client applied to Interlegal for legal assistance in the framework of Personal Attorney Service.

As found out in the process of inheritance, civil registry officers made an error in the entry on parents’ marriage in 1965, namely indicated incorrect date of testator’s (father’s) birth. Such circumstance eliminated the Client’s option to exercise its right to inheritance in a due manner.

Apart from error in the entry, several documents, serving as grounds for pretrial elimination of error, contained different dates of testator’s birth. Also testator’s birth certificate was lost, while birth entry was preserved in the vestry book only.
Interlegal lawyers analyzed documents and situation in whole, consulted the Client, drafted legal position and collected the required evidence, followed by applying to the court for determining causal fact.

The court supported lawyers’ arguments and satisfied the application. The court decision on amendments, additions or corrections to entries on civil registry shall serve as grounds for making the appropriate amendments as indicated in the court decision, granting an opportunity for the Client to exercise its right to inheritance in a due manner.

Interlegal associate attorney Ellina Romanova  and junior lawyer Nikita Kocherba led the case.

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