New publication of Interlegal authors “What are the obstacles for good charterer?”

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The fourth book “What are the obstacles for good charterer?” in the series of Interlegal manuals was published this week by “Phoenix”. The manual will highlight in the available form the following complex issues: the charterer’s risks during performance of the charter-party, correlation between sale and purchase contract and charter-party, etc.

Vessel chartering institute can be treated as a unique and mega-complex system of various relations. It includes a wide range of trade operations – both the simplest transactions between shipowner and charterer and the most complex schemes of sea carriage. This inexhaustible and immense scope of chartering attracts both traders who cannot go without logistics, and sea carriage participants playing different roles in logistic schemes, including sea transportation. It gives us an opportunity of the unlimited research of vital and dynamic relations, including legal relationship. The 6th manual “Vessel Chartering and Demurrage” was published recently in the series “Maritime Business Practice” replenished with new manuals for ten years. The manual highlights both issues of vessel chartering and other, contiguous, relations. Success of this publication encouraged us to continue research in this field.

We are sure that the manual “What are the obstacles for good charterer?” will cause interest among experts in maritime business and international trade. And we are not going to rest on our laurels. In the nearest future we intend to perform the broader and more complex research of the vessel chartering institute coinciding with our annual international conference «Maritime Days in Odessa 2016». We hope that this prospective research will allow us to reach the more profound level of analyzing the issues of vessel chartering and international trade.

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