Interlegal has consulted a foreign trader upon the issues of agricultural product export from Ukraine on CPT-CPT terms

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Interlegal experts have consulted a foreign trader upon special aspects of agricultural products supply from Ukraine on CPT-CPT terms with the involvement of the foreign company in between and upon basic risks concerning possible arrest/detention of the goods by law enforcement/state control authorities.

Consultations touched, in particular, the following issues:

- security of commercial activity performed by the Buyer – non-resident company in the territory of Ukraine;

- development of the export supply scheme on CPT-CPT terms through the Ukrainian ports;

- execution of the contractual relationships, commodity-transport and supporting documentation for the goods;

- FCR application in the export trade schemes;

- special aspects of goods’ customs clearance and taxation when using the applied terms.

Special attention was drawn to risks concerning possible arrest/detention of the goods by law enforcement/state control authorities in Ukraine as well as recommendations upon their minimization.

Interlegal experts Karina Gorovaya and Olena Ptashenchuk worked upon the case.

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