Tailor-made voyage Charter Party for a large charterer

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The large metal product exporter and charterer requested Interlegal to draft the tailor-made bilingual voyage Charter Party based on the standard form COAL-OREVOY 2016 with consideration of geographical and climatic peculiarities of the loading port (one of the Baltic Sea ports), cargo peculiarities and charterer’s interests.

In the process of order performance, Interlegal lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya, under general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko, analyzed the existing risks for the charterer in the course of performance of the voyage Charter Party and drafted the relevant provisions of the Charter Party in order to minimize the detected risks. In particular, they reviewed the lien on cargo clause in order to limit the shipowner’s right on cargo lien.

Special attention was drawn to the vessel and crew compliance both with requirements of international conventions and ITF regulations and regulations applicable at the loading port.

As the result, apart from tailor-made bilingual voyage Charter Party, the Client obtained practical recommendations concerning conclusion and performance of the Charter Party, issuing, transferring and presentation of Bills of Lading,  practice of applying the clause “1 of 3 Bills of Lading on board” and other questions arisen by the Client.

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