The Seller received payment for goods in containers and reimbursed losses due to active work of Interlegal lawyers

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The Client, foreign trader, applied to Interlegal due to non-payment of the supplied container batch of grain on CFR terms/Vietnamese port.

Foreign trade Contract provided payment for goods against submission of the original documents to Bank of the Buyer, Vietnamese importer. Within the supply period, the goods were loaded on board of the booked vessel in full. Under the shipment results, the Seller collected the agreed set of documents and sent them to the Buyer’s Bank for payment. The Buyer accepted the set of documents without any remarks, but the amount was unpaid within the terms stipulated by the Contract.

The goods were delivered to the port of destination, discharged to the container terminal but stored there over free time prescribed by the line, followed by demurrage accrual.

The Seller required the Buyer for several times to make payment under the Contract and to accept the supplied goods, but the Buyer ignored the Seller’s requests. The Seller faced a difficult situation when, apart from unpaid amount for the supplied goods, they had to bear also additional costs for container idle stay.

Containers stayed idle at the port of discharge for over a month when the Seller applied to Interlegal.

Having obtained a request and assessed the current situation, Interlegal experts drafted a legal opinion, prepared promptly the claim against the Buyer and stated the Seller’s intention to declare the Buyer in default.

Due to active work of Interlegal lawyers, the Buyer made full payment for the supplied goods and bore additional costs at the port of discharge. The goods were accepted without any further delay.

Interlegal lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk, under general supervision of the partner Natalya Myroshnychenko, led the case.

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