Vessel release from arrest in Serbia

16 сентября 2023 г.: ru 3 9 сентября 2023 г.: ru 2 22 февраля : ru 1 всего: 75 15.08.23

Interlegal lawyers cancelled arrest of the Client’s two vessels detained in Serbia.

Just before russian full-scale invasion in Ukraine, the Client had unsettled proprietary relations with Serbian company controlled by the russian large oil & gas concern.

In summer 2022, Serbian company claimed for arrest of the Client’s entire fleet, i.e. 25 vessels.

Interlegal lawyers immediately released 23 vessels, while proceedings upon release of the latter two vessels took nearly one year, due to specifications of trial in Serbia and the opposing party’s obstacles by any means.

Following legal battle, ship arrest was cancelled. Now the vessels are engaged in the Client’s business activity and transport cargos along the Danube in such hard time.

Such case proves once more that Interlegal law firm has a high competence in representing clients’ interests within foreign jurisdictions, including the EU member states.

Special attention should be drawn to high level of professional approach by the Client’s domestic lawyers who contributed much in achieving the Client’s goals due to correct cooperation with Interlegal.

Interlegal lawyer & attorney-at-law Dmytro Ochkolias managed by associated partner Karyna Gorovaya led the case.

In view of war in Ukraine, there are trends to increasing commercial vessels on the Danube (not only in Ukrainian waters) facilitating proportional increase of disputes, incidents, ship arrests etc.

Interlegal law team is ready to apply its vast experience in solving specific tasks, in particular, upon ship arrest and release both in the EU and in other jurisdictions, as well as is ready to assist in dispute settlement ASAP.

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